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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 23, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:violence half a worl area. the san jose dentist tells kron four hiw he was dvastated after dozens of family members are killed in gaza >>i couldn't believe it. i was in denial >>whoosh the ex mayor of new york hops on a plane for tel aviv, and sounds off on the f=a=a ban on u=s air carriers >>mistake, hope they rectify it whoosh >> reporter:a remote hiking trail in the north bay, scene of bizarre encounters with a phony park ranger. with a grudge against dogs. >>whoosh >> reporter:shopping at wal mart. make that shop=lifting. >>evertyhing in this guys shopping cart was stolen >> reporter:a video vigilante goes viral >>whoosh >>very upset, very embarrassed, very humiliated >> reporter:what this traveler did that got him kicked off a southwest airlines flight >>whoosh >> reporter:and a my kron
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four tip takes stanley roberts to an intersection where drivers behave very badly. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: the crisis in the middle east hits hard for a south bay dentist. he has lost 30-family members in gaza to the fighting between israel and hamas. >> catherine: israel launched a ground invasion of gaza last thursday. .to fight militants they say have fired hundreds of rockets at israeli cities since july 8th. the fighting that has so far killed 34 israelis. more than 680 palestinians are dead. kron 4's scott rates spoke to the doctor about the violence. >> reporter: >> loses its a very hard and touching picture. >> reporter: when you look at this and know that your family is back there and talk to me about your emotions >> difficult.
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>> reporter: >> when the subtitle mention jomon family and gaza >> i cannot believe that i was in denial. i caught some family members it was very difficult. coming from jewish communities they come together to support and i really appreciate that and hope for my government. but they could do something about this. >> reporter: he will be opening his office thursday morning. >> we have in the last 24
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hours made some hope. >> reporter: as the death toll climbs and does up. in gaza >> reporter: this was the scene after sirens warned of a second rocket attack. rushing to the defense of israel from our new york mayor michael blumberg. >> fully they will rectify this alone. soon. more >> reporter: than two weeks of war have left gaza and roland spirit new york release 4% 4 out of five of them are civilians
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>> reporter: accusing him of trying to sell the touch of this committee's secret it is it attempt to course israel and to what he considers the up president for policy demands. weone of president obama's most consistent critics is sabotage the israeli >> reporter: cruz says the f=a=a ban on flights to tel aviv is actually an attempt to called the president's with foreign policy demands. a state department official called the accusation ridiculous. >> catherine: new at 8 tonight >> catherine: a man claiming to be a park ranger has people on edge in marin county. the man has been targeting dog lovers in a couple of popular park areas. kron 4's j.r. stone joins us live tonight from marin county. j-r? >> reporter: someone comes up to you to tell you that there is a park ranger and that you have to do
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something when in reality that is not the case but that is what happened this afternoon. >> reporter: park rangers are on a lark in marin county. people are being approached by a man claiming to be a park ranger. second >> reporter: later he was ordering a woman to put the dog on a leash. woods were >> we are dealing with someone who has something against docks. whagdogs dogs >> reporter: he has even taken pictures of a woman when she said she did not believe the mail was a park ranger. was the man >> this kind of disgusting. i cannot imagine her to get a dog because the dog is not
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on a leash. this man was threatening to force the when he came across. >> reporter: sound that i talk with says you just never know the >> is a study show that they start hurting animals been hurting people and killing them. >> reporter: 6 cannot charge the man with anything to at this point he has made false claims of being a part granger, he has not committed a crime. park r anger >> catherine: the prosecutor said the sentence has sent a powerful message to.
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>> sending a message that violence of this nature, gained the pilots would not be tolerated. it is a senseless taking of lives in this matter with innocence civilians including children are in danger. >> catherine: representing the bart she assist insist that her client was not there. >> catherine: ukraine's military says two of its jets were shot down to over eastern ukraine today malaysian airliner was brought down last week. >> catherine: pro-russian rebels are claiming responsibility. this map highlights where it happened. >> catherine: the ukrainian military says an air defense system shot down the jets. >> catherine: the pilots reportedly ejected. no word tonight on their condition.
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>>the bodies of some of the dutch victims on the malaysian jetliner shot down over ukraine last week have >> catherine: been returned to their homeland. there was a silent ceremony in the 40 wooden coffins were carried by 40 identical hearses. many of the 298 victims on flight 17 were from the netherlands. >> catherine: the president's three day fund- raising began in seattle. >> catherine: it's estimated that he has raised more than 6-million dollars during the west coast trip. >> catherine: the president wasn't the only high profile democrat in the bay area today. former secretary of state hillary clinton was here. she joined oakland community leaders at children's hospital to launch a new campaign.
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>> catherine: it's designed to encourage parents to talk, read and sing to their babies. earlier this week, secretary clinton visited the headquarters of facebook, google and twitter. >> catherine: a major player in san francisco taxi service is threatening to hit the road. >> catherine: that's unless local and state governments begin regulating the new kids on the block. >> catherine: like uber and lift >> catherine: while some cities have taken action to even the playing field between taxi cabs and on demand services like uber and lift. >> catherine: it hasn't happened in san francisco.but now - one cab company is considering the options. kron 4's dan kerman reports >> reporter:right now there are some the streets of san francisco about 200 of those are desoto cabs but now the
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owner of that company is threatening to exit the taxi business, get state limo licenses and turn his cabs into sedan like limos, which can do most of the same lower cost. >>hansu kim/president, desoto cab company: i have to look at how do i compete in a deregulated environment when one set of rules are applied to me and another set of rules are applied to my competitors. >> reporter:those competitors desoto cab company president hansu kim speaks of aren't other taxi companies but on demand transportation network companies like uber and lyft which allow drivers to take passengers in their personal cars and are not regulated >>they don't have real commercial insurance on those vehicles, they don't have workers comp, are those vehicles inspected? i see pickup trucks now with pink moustaches >> reporter:and kim says the biggest imbalance is that taxi's are required to have a medallion, which costs him 22-hundred dollars per
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month, for each of his 200 cabs. >> this is not something i want to do but if we are talking ecnomoics, 5 million dollars is a big difference in the cost of operations. >> reporter:kim says his preference is to keep deosoto as a taxi company, but that will require regulators to level the playing field. >> hopefully the state and city will wake up and discover they must apply the same set of rules and standards to these new services. >> reporter:140: desoto cab hasn't made any decision yet. they say they real question is how soon will regulators level the playing field and can the cab company wait that long. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. return >> catherine: a tourist at san francisco's ocean beach came to the rescue of teenagers who caught caught by a large wave today. >> catherine: the man from germany spotted them in trouble -- and he happens to be a volunteer lifeguard. he helped out - and the fire department also arrived on the scene. >> catherine: the teenagers
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were ok - and released to their parents. >> catherine: a contractor accidentally ruptured a gas line today in east san jose. that led to a disruption of light rail and bus service. >> catherine: the crew had been working the alum rock rapid transit project when it cut throughtwo-inch gas line. >> catherine: one light-rail train and several buses were evacuated. people who live nearby were told to stay inside as a precaution. the leak was capped and there were no injuries. >>ahead at 8. >> catherine: a walmart shopper takes it upon himself to act as security when he sees someone he believes is shoplifting. >> catherine: daly city police are looking for two women suspected in a home invasion robbery that left a man injured. >> catherine: we add to the point up to maybe using too much water in your neighborhood.
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>> jacqueline: it will be a lot warmer tomorrow and that will show you how hot it will get coming up in just about five minutes. >> reporter: traffic is longer than normal. this cars overturned several times and landed uc the great-you see. with and lance uc the ambulance parent will keep you posted in with heavy traffic in that area. >> catherine: daly city police are looking for two women suspected in the home invasion robbery that left
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eight men injured. the women are identifiedthe women are identified as augustine herrera. and leilani king. the robbery happened at a home on santa ana avenue july 9th. a man suffered a head injury in the incident. >> catherine: it's believed the women might be staying in san francisco's sunnydale neighborhood or bayview district. >> reporter: health experts are really worried about this one. due to the recent academic that started late last year in aid in the caribbean everyone who has this has traveled recently outside of the u.s.. there is the case in dallas for someone who travel to the caribbean.
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>> catherine: new report says marin melanoma rate is 60% higher than the state as a whole. and increase and caucasians and older residents. cacao, and had cancer for years to have had higher rates for breast cancer. so there are taking a closer look due to the skin cancer increase. their people more to the outside more often. >> catherine: in developing news -- officials in taiwan say 47 people are feared dead after a plane crashed on a small taiwanese island. >> catherine: it happened while the plane was trying to land in stormy weather. 11 people survived the crash. >> catherine: about 200 military troops have been sent to the scene.and they've been helping to rescue people trapped in the wreckage.
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>> jacqueline: a little warmer out there today but we will warm things up significant rally. we hit 85 antioch and 81 in san rafael with 71 downtown san francisco creek 80 in sunnyvale not a cloud in sight. the very minimum overnight. fog tracker-will clear real fast and stay sunning tomorrow. it will be another warm day. tomorrow and no exceptions. 86 in some detail with the ink and red with city. a number of eighties for the east coast for our inland valleys bit
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back in the '90s. 96 in antioch and 92 in walnut creek with 91 in plaza tabret south bay was the couple of low 90s. it will be 86 in cupertino and sunnyvale 85 with a san jose and up the the north bay quite a bit warmer. 90 in napa and 90 >> jacqueline: prewar and mainly in the '80s and '90s. pretty warm >> gary: football is here we will have more stories on giants and rest of the highlights next kilobit later in this for broadcast.
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>> catherine: how did this painting and up and an attic. >> reporter: the patterson house offers a taste of what life was like back in the mid-1800s. every bank in the home is antique up in the attic tucked away with this beautiful john koch piece. >> between the shelving units wrapped in a simple white sheet. >> reporter: the painting is
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of made morgan browne mae's husband everett taught at the university of michigan, where it caught took class's before he was formally trained in paris. they're all in an arbor, mich. at the same time, and that is probably how they met. >> in his teenage years he commissioned portraits for wealthy families and so we believe that is what this was for. >> reporter: may was the sister of sarah patterson, who married into the family. when they died a lot of her belongings were sent there. through friday the painting house manager christie did desisted are learning more about the family and add additional history to the patterson house. >> it was a complete surprise to us it was true treasure in the attic story you know it makes you wonder what else is up there what else is left to be discovered. >> reporter: the first public viewing will begin
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october 4th behind the scenes toward and when not on display, i am told the painting will be kept in a ball. >> catherine: and you ahead with this man said he tweet that gotten kicked off the plane carried in a chopper has itself all cameras rolling as he confronts a man. he suspects of shoplifting and entire cart full of loot. see what happens next. >> reporter: people behaving badly up
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>> catherine: still ahead with your request we will go after walter wasters. >> catherine: to toller's locked in a car and strapped in their car seats as a mother gambles in a local casino. new york - the manhattan >> jacqueline: what a beautiful sunset we rcn not a cloud inside. it will be one tomorrow and would not want to miss the temperatures. [ heart beating ]
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: is a woman is in jail tonight accused of leaving her toddler in the car while gambling at the casino and livermore.
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>> reporter: catherine, 37 year-old woman of oakland left her two young children in the car as she came across the street here to the casino 582 to gambling. this all happened around 6:00 on sunday night when it arrived on the scene they did find the two young daughters each to add three trapped in their car seats. they were in the car all by themselves. the mother to know where to the same. it is unclear if that was to obscure the children from view or keep the car from getting too hot but either way the children were left alone in the car all by themselves and that is easily go. and that is illegal
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>> girl trapped in their car seats, one was crying. she had a blanket covering the window and that was to conceal the children inside? or, try not to let the car get too hot? she was in there for 35 minutes in gambling. >> reporter: the children have been placed into child protective services. she is still in the alameda county jail being held in to account for child endangerment it for the record is illegal to leave any child under seven indycar along. in the car along (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: >> (cheers & applause) ball are having a hard time trying to cross is pedestrian street. >> we are finding that we
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need to wait a minute or two to cross. even then, put our hands up and make sure that the car stops. >> reporter: watch what happens to this lady attempting to cross the street. about 11 drivers failed to stop. but watch this >> reporter: stopping because another card failed to yield. numerous people attempt to cross the street drivers are not stopping. i am guessing that it is every driver but some are falling state law. >> reporter: >> i will show you that i ride a bike to work a lot. one guy stops and says go ahead and three cars grant in front of me >> reporter: drivers are
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required to yield to the pedestrian for it this means the pedestrian all of the intersection until they safely make it to the sidewalk. >> reporter: leaving the crosswalk or steps up at the highway state in effect have surrendered their rights. not according to people from the area on route 4:00 p.m. it is the magic hour for the most of violation. of course will be back year with walnut creek police in the future. stanley roberts. >> catherine: today 6 people were indicted a leisurely connected to an international ring. the purchase tickets illegally and then resold them for a profit
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>> you should look at your credit cards if you do not recognize another count then you should investigate. >> catherine: company will be getting refunds and they are working to change all of their passwords. . >> reporter:an arizona murderer was executed today, given a lethal injection.but it was not swift. reporters watching say he gasped and struggled to breath for an hour and 40 minutes before he finally took his last breath. >> reporter:joseph wood gasped more than 600 times during that hour and 40 minutes. his breathing slowed down as a deacon said a prayer while holding a rosary. >> reporter:the 55-year-old stopped breathing at 3:37 p.m. today and was pronounced dead 12 minutes later. >> reporter:wood's lawyers call it a botched execution that should bring new scrutiny to the death penalty in the u.s.
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>> catherine: 17 year-old plane has crashed into the pacific. he was accompanied by his father the plane did go down last night shortly after leaving american samoa. the two were raising money >> reporter:the costa concordia has begun its final voyage. this is timelapse video from the university of florence. >> reporter:salvage crews refloated the wrecked ship last week so it can be moved to genoa where it will be dismantled. >> reporter:the huge steel boxes that are attached to the sides of the ship were pumped full of compressed air to give it buoyancy. >> reporter:out of 42 passengers aboard.32 people were killed when the cruise ship ran aground two-and-a- half years ago off giglio island.
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>>i was left very upset, very embarrassed, very humiliated. >> reporter:this man says he was booted from a flight after he used social media to complain about southwest airlines' service. >> reporter: >> catherine: the tweet that did him in. >> catherine: also - the damage done by a woman who crashed her pick-up into an east bay store. and -- at your request -- kron4 goes after accused water wasters -- and gets answers. >> jacqueline: looked at separately son saccharide not seen a lot of low cloud cover tonight. warmer conditions tomorrow and will have the official forecast coming out
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>> reporter: we have water waster tips coming in and. one in a target parking lot. we will start with jim as we have looked at all of the issues and this is what we have found in >> reporter: main water line has broken thousands of gallons of water was gushing into the street. san jose water co. has come out and state of red road ahead. the judge said the water was still flowing today. they have an underground service alert. there will dig up the road eventually going so the matter should be resolved by tomorrow. meanwhile, bill shared this picture with this in another neighborhood in san jose. stated that it happened at that wrote place in san jose
8:40 pm
for the past week ago doctor has been coming out of the water meter box complaints are fixed based on severity. they take the complaint seriously, however, as the complex is not serious enough they will take another job that seems more important >> reporter: of time frame in fixing this one print and then there is target with and tipping us off at this one. water is being used to watch for the plants that it was shooting into the air from the sprinklers in much of its was ending up in the parking lot not often will they have someone to take tougher have some system check on the walter kerr it
8:41 pm
would love to hear more tips from you what other weather/walter related or etc.. >> reporter: >> catherine: a minneapolis man was kicked off a southwest airlines flight after he used social media to complain about a boarding agent. >> catherine: duff watson tried to board the flight with his kids. he's an a list passenger, meaning he gets priority boarding. but a gate agent wouldn't let his 6 and 9 year old board with him. >> catherine: they waited to board together.but watson promised to tweet about it. >> catherine: and he did. >>wow. >> not happy. >> catherine: watson was asked to de-board the plane and delete the tweet.
8:42 pm
>> catherine: that was because the agent felt treatened by the post. southwest apologized to watson in an e-mail.but he says he won't fly the airline ever again. >> jacqueline: warmer out there and it will get warmer and the coming days. still seem mild conditions. this is what we sought a ruling today would 70's and 80's bay area wide. we still have clear skies near the coast line. things are still pretty mild. 70's and concord, santa rosa. spreading into the south bit earlier tomorrow morning but will clear really fast. temperatures are once again, will be on the warm side with a 70 degree temperatures and '80s through east bay shore
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lines. 80 degrees in hayward and san leandro and fremont. in getting into the '90s for new danville. seen a couple of low nineties but more dirty of the 80 degree temperatures. and the nine in sonoma and 88 in mill valley. as we look ahead friday will be even warmer that tomorrow is headed toward to triple digits. and will be pretty warm into the 80s and 90s. it! >> 49ers training camp gary has all the sports next
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>> catherine: and sally handwrought a woman arrested for crushing her pickup truck and to a liquor store last night. it happened at the house of liquor on manner boulevard. police say that after the woman bought something she returned to her picked up and somehow ended up crashing into the business. police say she appeared to be under the clause of all our trucks the
8:46 pm
woman was cited for the incident and was treated for minor injuries. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: got it ready and hit a little bit but that turned on the field and then bumgarner you normally see a picture this rock and delighted, this was in the fifth indy he comes right back out a bit strong farm boy. he gets out of it. and make that the faith. hunter in the ninth creek slices on the opposite way and bases are loaded. bumgarner with all three come across this corporate3-1 giants beat the phillies. >> gary: 930 start on time.
8:47 pm
dodgers come in friday is looking great. rolling over houston 7 to 0 per cent this has gone deep twice >> gary: they honored the 1989 world championship team. mark mcgwire to ninth, said i would never speak to jose could sickle's again creek is too late for him to apologize to her it jose classic this >> gary: you know the story patrick maguire tried to hide and tried to hide with jose coming out saying he was a full-blown steroid attic which put him into hiding for some time. he is
8:48 pm
a hitting coach with the dodgers but he wants no part some of of jose. >> gary: barnett's burn and davis >> gary:vernon davis ended the suspense. first day of training camp in santa clara this being greeted by his teammates was posted by safety c.j. spillman >> gary:davis had held out of mandatory off-season activities due to a contract dispute this despite being the 4th highest paid tight end in the nfl >> you get action say it with a straight face, i can't believe i said that the walkaway but this is a good feeling to be in that situation.
8:49 pm
>> we are a lot farther along than last year. we have a lot more health office though something i am excited about something the team is excited about >> gary: >> reporter: known practice until friday just about showing up and dealing with a little media. >> reporter: east along with a few veterans are rise by bus. mack had a chance to take a self secret selfie. ♪ >> i am coming again and getting ready. but when all of the things and try to get ready for them. >> reporter: he is back for
8:50 pm
his 17th season and tan with silver and black. he says that he is excited, sort of. >> and not necessarily excited about camp. on a sure how many of us are excited about camp but i am eager to get back and get started >> reporter: preseason game a little older over two weeks away. gary back to yield. to you >> gary: lebraun james earlier tonight. jackie and cap the made a big deal about this. >> gary: sent his neighbors a thousand cupcakes to apologize for all of the media and journalists
8:51 pm
staking out his home paris >> gary: what a great think jackie. >> catherine: can we each get one? >> jacqueline: yes. >> gary: if you are a real neighbor did you can bring them yourself and hand them out derrick personally creek not send them from china. >> catherine: and man believes he sees a shoplifter and hit record on his cellphone camera. the parking lot confrontation over a cart full of supposedly stolen goods and a peaceful panels his rough every mercedes-benz is made
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>> catherine: i can understand why they are excited. lifting up day, yet with a father and daughter inside. their work cut yacking in ended up getting a lot closer than what they thought creek on the back of one of the whales. they were not injured and not scared. >> catherine: facebook focus is on mobile is paying off today the social network reported that those ads accounted for about 62% of
8:56 pm
its revenue and the second quarter that's up to 41% from a year ago. >> reporter: sting has gone by room because it is ridiculous. this thing >> reporter: video shows this guy just throwing items into an suv with no place. even the guy shooting the video tried to get the bin number at 1.3vin vin number >> reporter: guy said that he did knight stealing anything that he pay for all of the items. >> reporter: it is unclear if there has been any are rest creek police know about this and they are working on it. >> catherine: the question
8:57 pm
is how did they were hounded t walk out what all of that stuff.
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